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Design Story: Already Regis

Design Story: Already Regis

Design stories give insight into what my designs mean to me and how they were born.

Happy International Women's Day! This one is for you!

The Already Regis™ words are symbolic of a feeling and expression of confidence. The design presented itself in a dream, back in 2013. I was looking at the back of a jacket I designed with those words, and feeling incredibly proud, as a female celebrity was wearing it! I felt honored. And, she was walking proudly, feeling light and happy!
As soon as I woke up, I wrote down all that I could remember about this dream. I knew one day I would create this brand and design.

The definition of Regis, that resonated with me, according to the Urban Dictionary:

    • Those named Regis have above average abilities in art or leadership.
    • A good friend; A Regis should be regarded as good friend, one to be appreciated but not taken advantage of.

So what does Already Regis mean to me, and for all the women I create this brand? Ladies, stand tall. You are already royalty. You are already a Queen. You are already enough! You are already a beauty! It's about you believing in yourself and knowing that you've "got the goods." 
Whether you feel like a Queen or not, you already are one. Silently or known, wear your crown, women! You are worthy, and you have so much power within you. Wield it wisely, and most of all, wield with love! Blessings!