Already Regis™ - Women's T-Shirt


Secure your role in the world by acknowledging your greatness. The Already Regis™ brand is designed to support the beautiful person you are! Proudly wear your crown!

• 100% jersey knit
• Fashion Fit
• Pre-shrunk

Let's Talk Story
The Already Regis™ brand came to me in a dream in 2013. Yes, that long ago! A (celebrity) woman was wearing a jacket with the words "Already Regis" on the back, and she felt proud, confident, and strong. I was looking at her and feeling similarly the same because it was my jacket she was wearing! I was happy to see she loved my design and the jacket! When I woke up, I quickly wrote down my dream and looked up the meaning of "Regis" and knew it was perfect!
Definition of Regis:
Above-average leadership
A good friend

Overall, the word Regis feels like Royalty to me.

When I began to create Ruby8Weaver, I knew it was time to bring Already Regis to life so that women everywhere could feel proud of who they are, embrace their innate beauty, and stand tall and strong!