About Ruby8Weaver

"Growing up is fun to do as long as you remember the kid inside of you!" - Lisa Eve

Ruby8Weaver is a marketplace created by Lisa Eve. (www.LisaEve.com)

This shop is for inner children. Whether you are 60 years young or 15 years young, remember your inner child who likes to dream big and play!

Lisa Eve has been inspiring people worldwide for more than ten years as a Spiritual Teacher, Energy Master Healer, Author, and Travel Expert. Now, she brings her visions, dreams, and teachings to life in a way that can be tangibly held and enjoyed. 

As a 40+ years young adult, Lisa Eve has dressed mostly in black and muted colors for the last ten years, but her inner child dreams in color. She loves to ooh and ahh and inspire you to dream big and smile. She also loves to remind you of your beauty and who you are as an incredible human being. Lisa Eve's inner child wanted to be expressed in color and bring other children to the playground. Ruby8Weaver was born out of a need to play and be creative again!

When adulting becomes too serious, allow yourself to be inspired, and feel empowered by the fun and lighthearted designs! Let's love, play, and smile!