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RUBY8WEAVER® is about weaving a new life story! Find what you're passionate about, and you will love yourself in a whole new way! 

All designs are based on sacred geometry. What is Sacred Geometry and why is it important? As defined by Jain108, "The definition of Sacred Geometry is Remembering Who You Are, using such tools as Flower of Life and Star Tetrahedral Merkabah, high encoded symbols that contain Ancient Knowledge."

This shop, Ruby8Weaver®, was born from a dream, by Lisa Eve, a Spiritual Teacher, Author, Multi-Dimensional Energy Healing Facilitator, and Visionary. (

The logo has special significance, as it embraces the life of all that is through the Flower of Life; this represents the foundation. A ruby signifies passion, power, and strength. And the eight or infinity symbol has several meanings;

  1. It is an ode to all of us, as we are infinite. 
  2. 8 in numerology represents balance, willful drive, and prosperity. 
  3. The eight also pays homage to the spirit medicine of the Spider, something that has repeatedly shown up in Lisa Eve’s life!

Connect within and choose the designs that call to you and feel like they have special meaning.  

Stay strong like the ruby, be playful and gentle, and flourish like a flower! Be ready to weave a new story, the one your soul has yearned to create!