About Ruby8Weaver®

Ruby8Weaver® is a marketplace created by Lisa Eve, a Spiritual Teacher, Author, Multi-Dimensional Energy Healer, and Visionary. (www.LisaEve.com)

You are a blessed human being, yet often this is forgotten. We all live in a time and space continuum, which means thoughts constantly create our reality, and living in a present moment can be quite challenging. How often do you find yourself not present with your day-to-day errands? 

Your ability to love life has to start with you and your heart. Lisa Eve created this shop because she remembered she wanted to play more and honor her inner child’s yearning for more fun, color, and follow her divine heart and wisdom. We are all born with this wisdom. If you have children, notice how children today see the world with wild, beautiful eyes and hearts. 

Your adult life may have squashed the yearnings of your inner child, but you can reclaim this youthful energy anytime. 

This shop, Ruby8Weaver®, was born from a dream. A desire to bring forth the heart’s wisdom to connect with other hearts.
Her logo has special significance, as it embraces the life of all that is through the sacred geometry design of the Flower of Life; this represents the foundation. A ruby signifies passion, power, and strength. And the 8 or infinity symbol has several meanings;
  1. It is an ode to all of us, as we are infinite. 
  2. 8 in numerology represents balance, willful drive, and prosperity. 
  3. The eight also pays homage to the spirit medicine of the Spider, something that has repeatedly shown up in Lisa Eve’s life!
Connect to your child within, and choose the designs that call to you that feel like they have special meaning for you. The shop is an oracle. Select the products that align most with your sacred inner knowing. 

Be blessed in all you do, stay strong like the ruby, be playful, gentle and flourish like a flower, and be ready to weave a new story, the one your soul has yearned to create!