Already Regis™ - Women's T-Shirt


Secure your role in the world by acknowledging your greatness. The Already Regis™ brand is designed to support the beautiful person you are! Proudly wear your crown!

• 100% jersey knit
• Fashion Fit
• Pre-shrunk

Let's Talk Story
The Already Regis™ brand came to me in a dream in 2013. The words "Already Regis" were on a jacket that I designed, and a (celebrity) woman was wearing my jacket! I was feeling in awe of that moment, and soon after I woke up, I recorded this information into my journal. I knew that one day I would bring this design to life! 
"Regis" is defined as above average leadership and a good friend. There is also a connection with royalty, and what stood out to me most about the dream was the confidence of the woman wearing the jacket and that I was able to contribute! 

For me, Already Regis is a statement to all women to feel proud of who they are, just as they are. Whether you feel like a Queen or not, you already are one. Silently or known, wear your crown, women! You are beautiful, you are worthy, and you have so much power within you. Wield it wisely, and most of all, wield with love!