Bast Sun Life - Spiral Notebook


For the feline lover in you, Bastet, also known as Bast, was the sun goddess and protector of her father, Ra, the sun god. Bast and her sister, Sekhmet, were goddesses in Ancient Egypt. Both had cat-like features, although Sekhmet was referenced as a lion.

As we rise from the ashes, remind yourself to see the beauty within and your divine femininity and power. This delightfully empowering journal features a Flower of Life background with Egyptian hieroglyphs. The back features the symbol for the sun. Look closely, and you will see the sculpture of a woman's body between the goddesses!

Designer Notebooks

  • Glossy hardcover
  • Spiral-bound design
  • 3.54 oz paper
  • Contains 50 sheets
  • Hand-printed to order