The Happy Channel® "HA" - Unisex T-Shirt


May you laugh to love your life! "HA" has many meanings, one of which is the breath of life. In the word, Aloha, 'alo' means presence and 'ha' breath. Or, if you love to laugh, hahaha, may you do it joyously and in good spirits. 

On the pocket, you will find the number 13. In numerology, the number one is a leader. It's also the number of confidence and independence. The number 3 is fun! It is a playful and creative number that embodies positivity! Put them together, and you have 4. The number four is grounding and offers a stable foundation. 

To sum up this unique t-shirt design, you are encouraged to breathe deeper, love life more, and enjoy your hard work and 'fruits of your labor.' 

The t-shirt is unisex, though predominantly will be an excellent fit for men. 


  • Black T-Shirt
  • Black left chest pocket with #13.
  • The pocket material is different from the shirt; it has a more rugged feel and is lighter in color. There is no white outline on the pocket.
  • PocketSoft and light material with a little stretch
  • Airlume and ring-spun cotton and 1% polyester
  • Unisex sizing

Unisex T-Shirts Size Chart

   Chest to Fit
XS Extra Small 31"- 34"
S Small 34"- 37"
M Medium 38"- 41"
L Large 42"- 45"
XL Extra Large 46"- 49"
2XL Double Extra Large 50"- 53"

    For environmental and human-friendly reasons, this product is only made when you order it. Please allow about a week for it to be made and we will send you tracking information as soon as it's in the mail.