Mahalosté - Hardcover Journal

Sizes: 6.25x8.25 inch

Mahalo means 'Thank You' in Hawaiian! Combine Mahalo + Namasté and you get Mahalosté!

Mahalosté = Thank You for Seeing the Divine in Me!

Celebrate the Divine being within you, and keep your thoughts happy and positive!

  • 80 Lined Pages (160 pages front and back)
  • Hardcover
  • 6.25 x 8.25 inches
  • Made in the USA
  • Matching Apparel is available!

Story of the Shaka
The widely known "Shaka" is a common and friendly way to say "Aloha" in Hawaii, and the origins date back to the 1900s. As the story goes, a man by the name of Hamana Kilili worked at a Sugar Mill and while pressing the cane, three fingers were crushed. After the incident, Hamana was assigned as a security officer to keep kids from jumping on a nearby train. When he would see the kids, he would wave his hand, and the kids began using the hand symbol that they saw (thumb and pinky extended with three missing fingers) as a way to signal to each other when Kalili was not around so they could jump the train! 

Today, the shaka is used to express gratitude, aloha, appreciation, friendliness, and more!