Open Your Heart - Pen Flashlight


A perfect little reminder while writing, open your heart and let the words flow! This sleek and stylish ballpoint pen writes smoothly and effortlessly. With solid construction, your new pen is a joy to hold and use. There is more to your LED pen torch than meets the eye. On one side is the blue ink ballpoint pen, and on the other, a bright LED light that can be clicked on and off. Your new pen comes complete with a clear gift tube pack, for a smart finishing touch. Available with an additional spare cartridge too. 

Write happy! Perfect as a gift with the Open Your Heart Spiral Notebook, 15oz Mug, and Greeting Card!

Designer Pen Torch

  • Includes LR41 battery
  • Made from beautifully polish aluminum
  • Solid German construction
  • Blue ball point pen, LED flashlight
  • 4.9" long with 1.8" diameter (approx.)
  • Printed to order