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Exploring RUBY8WEAVER Designs with Sacred Geometry and Numerology

Exploring RUBY8WEAVER Designs with Sacred Geometry and Numerology

Geometry unites us. It is the birth of who we are. It is our foundation. It is our background, in our ancestry. Shapes are familiar, like family. Our eyes are circular. Atoms are circular. We are complex yet united by similarities.

Sacred Geometry is where Spirituality meets Science. They work together like the duality of this planet Earth. Working within our energetic frequencies and grounded in nature and its elements.

The RUBY8WEAVER designs are consistent with the high-dimensional frequencies that resonate within and around our beings. Tune in, listen to your heart; it beats like other hearts. It has a frequency. In all things nature, there is a frequency. When you are in touch with your Spiritual nature, you will and can vibrate at a different level. Sacred Geometry has the power to fulfill your dreams. All you need to do is FEEL it. Remember it. Adore it. Embrace it. It is part of who you are. It is within and out there.

Each pattern and design will hold special meaning for you; whether you wear it, have it, carry it, look at it, write in it, or decorate your home with it.

Let yourself be guided, as each design carries its own vibration. Following, you will find interpretations of each and channeled messages.

Sweet Life

The Sweet Life Design consists of a pattern that I see when I close my eyes. It is a hexagonal pattern, like the sweet honeycomb from the bees that give us honey and is their home, and within each hexagon is a Flower of Life. 


Hexagons are six-sided. How does the number 6 show up in your life? According to Numerology, six is compassionate, nurturing, and supportive. This design's hexagon pattern is open and fluid, embracing all and allowing flow.


The Flower of Life pattern is a symbol for oneness. It is 19 circles that overlap each other in perfect symmetry. So many stories have been written about its history. You can find more here.


Channeled Message for you

See you. Being you requires you to let go. Let yourself be rinsed of negativity, and it's time to conquer your fears. Bees know about the sweetness of life. Bee sweet. Bee light. Enjoy your life because you may be working too hard, without breaks, to enjoy the sweetness of your life that is always within and available for you. 

*Sweet Life is an exclusive design by RUBY8WEAVER.

 RUBY8WEAVER Sweet Life Design


Sweet Life Too

The Sweet Life Too's design is similar to Sweet Life in that there is a hexagonal pattern and Flower of Life within, except its structure is different. Here you have a solid honeycomb grid and an open Flower of Life within. Sometimes we like being exceptionally close with each other and still embrace our uniqueness. We are free, even when we may feel confined or within our families. You ARE an individual, and you do have freedom. Celebrate your diversity by also acknowledging your 

similarities and desire to be close.


Channeled Message for you:

Stand on your own, yet feel the connection of your brothers and sisters. Diving into your psychic awareness comes when you are most still.


*Sweet Life Too is an exclusive design by RUBY8WEAVER.

 RUBY8WEAVER Sweet Life Too Design


Sweet Dreams

Hexagons are essential because the six-sided structural components unite our personalities' many facets or sides. The number six in Numerology represents nurturing, so how do you care for yourself?


The Sweet Dream's design is simple; a repeating hexagonal pattern, or a sweet honeycomb, over a teal textured background. The dreams of humans can often be steeped in emotional waters. Dreams are often fluid and can have special significance or nothing at all relating to the current time in one's life. The teal represents the water element, a beautiful teal sea of expression that comes alive at night or when you lay your head to rest. The paillette textured background helps to break up the energy, like tiny pebbles the water washes over. At the same time, the sweetness of the hexagon continues the fluid movement to nurture your unconscious. 


Channeled Message for you: Brave little one within your heart space, you can relax and know your worries are being carried away. Allow yourself to be nurtured, cared for, and surrender into the arms of love surrounding you daily. You do not need this product. Instead, it wants you. The design calls to you because you know how special you are, and now it is time to release your fears and woes into the night sky, where your higher self can cleanse them.

*Sweet Dreams is an exclusive design by RUBY8WEAVER.

RUBY8WEAVER Sweet Dreams Design on a Clock



Who remembers Starburst the candy? This design is not that. :) Although the cube-shaped candy can be seen here following a similar pattern. Squares with a three-dimensional quality become cubes. 

This design shows squares and triangles intersecting and uniting with bursts of light (stars). There are twelve lines connecting each Starburst. What is it about this design that calls to you? Is it the soft blue color background? The busyness of the bursts of light? 


Squares are the foundations and building blocks of our homes and temples. They are structured and solid. Four corners are on one face; in Numerology, 4 represents strength, stability, and hard work. 


Triangles bring another dimension and frequency through, as they are often associated with enlightenment, higher consciousness, and change. For three points, the number three is also sacred and spiritual. Three's are fun, creative, artistic, playful, and friendly. 


It's no accident that twelve (1+2=3) lines join the "Starburst."


Channeled Message for you: Stars are you. You are the light that ignites the sky full of darkness. Remember, you are bold, beautiful, courageous, instinctive, creative, and passionate.
RUBY8WEAVER Starburst Design on a Satin Journal and Eye-Mask



The Steps design is a simpler, more relaxed version of Starburst. It's chill, subdued, kind, and easy-going. Squares, with their 3-D appearance, look like cubes, and you might also see diamonds or the rhombus geometric shape. 

I dubbed this design Steps because it reminds me of the game Q*bert. It looks like a place you can sit or step up to a new level. What do you see?


Channeled Message for you: Relax, take it easy. All directions are leading you forward. Work less, breathe, and trust you'll know when it's time to take another step.
RUBY8WEAVER Steps Design on a Leather Clutch



This design features eight overlapping circles with eight inner overlapping circles, a central flower, and eight points of light. It radiates symmetry, beauty, and togetherness. The mesh design fosters unity.


Eight, a sacred number, represents balance, ambition, achievement, success, and strength. 


Channeled Message for you:

You are enlightened. Believe greatly in your dreams and promises to yourself and the world. Shine like you haven't yet. Be courageous because you will succeed. 


*Luminescent is an exclusive design by RUBY8WEAVER.

RUBY8WEAVER Luminescent Design on a Clock


So, which design calls you the most? It will likely change as you evolve on your life path. Remember, there are no wrong paths, and you can trust your soul knows what it is doing to keep you moving forward, growing, and to help you enjoy life.

All the best from my heart to yours,

Lisa Eve

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