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Hi! Your new favorite merchandise comes with history! Many designs and projects come from my dreams, and there are others that come from an experience. 

Here are the stories behind each design.

Calla Lilies

In 1997, I modeled in a Fashion Show in Italy with designer Ghissu. As the last feature, I wore a wedding dress and held three white calla lilies. They became my favorite flower. Fast forward to the Spring of 2020, I purchased brightly colored orange and pink calla lilies for my garden, and became the inspiration for this design.

Eagle Sun Star

In 2015, I visited Santa Fe, NM for my first time. I visited with a Shaman Practitioner who did higher-self soul vision journeys. During my journey she saw that eagles and the sun have special significance for me. This has always been true for me. And, I also feel deeply connected with the stars and galaxies. Hence, Eagle Sun Star.

May this design hold special meaning for you, too!